This week’s most amusing thing on the internet is an American’s reaction to hurling and camogie

Osh Pray learns everything there is to know about hurling and camogie, and his reactions are hilarious.

Josh Pray, an American comedian with over a million Facebook fans, studied everything there is to know about GAA sports hurling and camogie this week and gave his thoughts in two funny videos.


UNESCO has acknowledged the GAA sports of hurling and camogie.


Josh Pray says in a video posted on July 16 that a fan advised him to try hurling.


His funny reaction video went viral rapidly among Irish and Irish-American communities, garnering over 1 million views.


“Like, their feet could get them a speeding ticket!”


(Josh, it’s not called the quickest grass game for no reason!)


Josh claims he’d rather “eat a bed of nails on the back of a shark amid a swamp on the planet nowhere” than score a hurling goal.


“I just don’t have the testicular fortitude,” says the narrator “he declares


“Make sure hurling stays large where you all are because I’m telling you right now, the first time a ball comes flying at my face – the speed with which it smacks in a hurling battle! – I’m contacting the cops, the commissioner, the president, and my mama.”


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Josh, on the other hand, hadn’t seen everything yet. After his hurling video went viral, there were numerous requests for him to try camogie, Ireland’s female version of hurling.


Josh was as perplexed by camogie as he was by hurling, if not more so.


The Goddesses of the Earth play Josh’s camogie reaction video, “Camogie,” was posted on July 18, and it’s a title we wholeheartedly embrace.


“I’m trying to put into words the magnitude of what I just discovered,” Josh says, frustrated.


“I want to get rid of every Irish folk tale that was told to me in elementary school since they lied to me.” ‘Did you notice that rainbow, Josh? There’s a pot of gold with a leprechaun at the end of that rainbow!’


“NO,” Josh adds, “at the end of that rainbow is a woman holding a sliotar or a hurley in front of the pot of gold.”


“Man, I had no idea women were so chilly when it came to this sport.” “America, we have a lot of catching up to do.”


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Josh ends his video by promising to visit Ireland and see hurling and camogie games in person. We only hope he remembers to bring his camera so we can capture his amazing reaction on film!

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