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Michael Cusack Hurling Club


UC Berkeley, Purdue or Indiana University

Gaelic Park
Irish Fest


In Ballintoy, Co. Antrim

McLoughlin Masonry
Addison, IL



About the Michael Cusack's

The Michael Cusack Hurling Club was founded in 2008 as the first hurling club in Chicago comprised entirely of American-born players. We invite people of all ethnicities, ages, and skill levels to join the club. Our mission is to promote Ireland's national sport among Americans in our city so that the game lives on in Chicago for years to come.


2011 Committee

Honorary Chaplin
Fr. Richard McGrath

Honorary President
John Hunt

Zack Hamilton

Vice Chairperson
B.J. Farmer

Patrick Paison

Assistant Secretary
Paul Reynolds

Mike Maher

Assistant Treasurer
Kyle Farmer

Stephen Crean, Tommy Dolan

Keith Cain, Brian Connolly, Matt Schwertfeger

Shay McShane, Paul Reynolds

Patrick Cullinane


Michael Cusack

Michael Cusack, a native of Carron, Co. Clare, was a founder of the Gaelic Athletic Association.  Born in 1847, he was an accomplished athlete, qualified as a national school teacher and later joined the civil service.  He eventually moved to Dublin where he spent most of his life.

Hurling had existed for thousands of years in Ireland but foreign sports were being imported and becoming popular.  Cusack believed that Irish games were in danger of dying out.  After establishing the Dublin Hurling Club and Metropolitan Hurling Club, he considered founding a national organization to preserve Irish games.  He published articles in newspapers appealing to all Irish people to reject foreign imported sports and customs and wished to nationalize and democratize sports in Ireland, He believed that playing distinctively Irish games would promote an interest in Irish culture and traditions and stimulate pride in identity and nation.  Following Cusack's publications, articles from Maurice Davin appeared in newspapers articulating support for Cusack's ideas.  Together, they announced their intention of a national organization and for all interested to attend a meeting.  On November 1, 1884, Michael Cusack, Maurice Davin, and a handful of supporters met in Thurles, Co. Tipperary and established a league that would become the Gaelic Athletic Association.  Michael Cusack passed in 1906. 

To this day, the GAA is one of the largest sports organizations in the world with clubs and competitions taking place on every inhabited continent on the Earth. It is with great honor and pride that the Michael Cusack Hurling Club adopts as their official title, a man, that without whose tireless efforts and enduring vision, the club would not exist.

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Gaelic Park


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Wednesday May 18
After Training
Gaelic Park




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